About Us

Fairport Beach Public School is located in Pickering, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Fairport Beach is a small school located at Whites Road and Oklahoma Drive. It was built in 1953 and has a rich history within the community. It is bounded by Lake Ontario, Petticoat Creek and the 401. Fairport Beach Public School serves Kindergarten to Grade 8 with a population of approximately 220. We currently have 14.5 full time equivalent teachers, 3 E.C.E.s and 3.5 Educational Assistants as well as a Chief Custodian and evening custodian and an Administrative Assistant. Fairport Beach is a walking school with the exception of students receiving bussing through Inclusive Services.

Mission statement

At Fairport Beach Public School we believe that all students are capable of demonstrating their highest level of achievement in all areas of growth. We are committed to supporting students in pursuing their goals while celebrating their successes. Our school is responsive to student well being, equity and inclusion by identifying the importance of collective responsibility as we work toward ensuring safe and welcoming spaces where everyone is included and supported. We value skill and knowledge building which allows our learners to be creative, innovative, reflective and kind. We are “Proud to shine bright” as the “Fairport Flames”

Principal’s message

Welcome to Fairport Beach Public School

We are very proud of the community which supports our learners at Fairport Beach. We have a long history within the community and believe strongly that “together we are better.” We see families, staff and community members all as partners in providing opportunities for optimal growth of each student. Our students “shine bright” each day for themselves and others as they are collectively supported and encouraged to work to the best of their ability by staff who know each child. We have a strong focus on identity and pride for self, others and the community and believe that we “shine bright” for ourselves as well as others. We are “Fairport Flames.” We are lighting the way to create a community of learners who are confident, resilient, creative and kind. We are preparing our students to “shine bright” for today and tomorrow.